Session Details

I specialize in photographing you and your family just the way you are in candid, real, unposed moments. When I am with you, photographing your family, its like I’m a good friend or even a part of your family. I hang out with you, we chat, I play with the kids and everyone relaxes, which allows me to photograph those sweet, quiet moments that otherwise might never be captured in photos.

Helping you freeze your everyday life in this moment is very important to me, because I know life can change in a heartbeat.

My mom passed away from a brain tumor when I was 13 (she was 42). The photos and videos I have of her are my most prized possessions. Getting to see her face in those photos immediately helps me remember how special she really was. I now get to share my memories and photos of her with my children.

I want to help you pause this moment in your life. These photos are for you now, but they are for your children for years to come. These are the albums your kids will open and show their kids one day. They will sit on the couch and talk about the house they grew up in, they will talk about their memories from this time in their life. What a gift to share with your family!

A Day in the Life - Full Day

These are easily my favorite sessions!  From waking up to bedtime, I hang out with you and photograph your family - the sweet quiet moments, the silly ones and even the tears (or mostly the snuggles that come after)!

Starting at $849

Price includes 10-12 hours photographing your family, a slideshow of images from your day and a full online gallery of edited images for you to download.

A Day in the Life - 4 Hours

Choose your favorite part of the day and I'll be there as part of your family for four hours photographing all of those moments and connections that make YOU a family!

Starting at $499

Price includes 4 hours photographing your family, a slideshow of images from your day and a full online gallery of edited images for you to download.

Fresh 48 - Newborn Hospital Session

These sessions are great for families who want photos while in the hospital but are unsure of having the birth photographed. I come to you while you are still in the hospital falling in love with your newborn baby, usually before your baby is 48 hours old (but any time is fine!) . You (mama) get to focus on your rest and recovery and leave the photo taking to me, all while getting to be IN the photos! These sessions range from 45 minutes - two hours, timing is based on how you are feeling after your delivery.

Starting at $349

Price includes the time I spend photographing your family, a slideshow of images from the session and a full online gallery of edited images for you to download.

Birth Sessions

You have been dreaming of meeting your little one for months or likely even years! This day, the day you bring this little one into the world, deserves to be preserved. Through photos of your delivery and birth of your baby, you will get to see how strong and powerful you are, how much you are loved by your partner or support system and how much love you have for your little baby the second they are born. I would be honored to photograph this moment for you!

Starting at $849

Price includes time spent with you during your labor and delivery, a slide show and full gallery of edited online images.

Please reach out so we can talk about what session would be best for your family. I would love to hear from you!