I love real life and candid moments.  When I photograph your family, I come to you and capture your family just the way you are, relaxed in your home.  Imagine a photo shoot that  does not require outfit coordination or time spent worrying if the kids will behave...refreshing, right?  

Life is so busy for everyone and I feel it’s important to pause to capture real life right now--however that looks for you! Have you ever looked at your kids and wondered, “how is time moving so fast?”  I hear you!  The photographs I take will help you and your family remember what it felt like in this moment of life.  I spend the day as a part of the family I'm photographing, which means I catch all sorts of awesome moments including your love for one another, your kids being silly or sassy, and likely at least one meltdown!

Your everyday life is beautiful and I would love to help you remember it.

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