Milwaukee Family Photographer - Day in the Life of Beth, John & Family

Dog looking up

Think back to 7th/8th grade… who was your best friend?  The one who helped you get through those semi-(or extremely)- awkward years, who made you laugh, who played sports with you and who you talked about boys with after, who dressed up in all black with you on the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death (oh, was that just us??) ….. For me--- that was Beth!  She holds an extra special place in my heart and even when we don’t see each other for years, we can still talk like those best friends who loved Reggie Miller, Days of our Lives and {the best} alternative music.

Getting to photograph and hang out with her, John & their kids was great!  Being with her brings me right back to 8th grade--when we would talk about “someday” having kids!  Getting to see her in action as a mom was almost surreal! And oh my goodness, she’s a good mama. With her kids, Beth is so playful, patient and gentle.  John is equally a great dad. The kids LOVED playing with him, which was so sweet to watch!

Photographing parents during these sessions is just as fun as photographing kids.  Giving parents the opportunity to see, through these photos, how they parent & the incredible life they are giving their kids brings me joy. Us parents (specifically us moms) are usually behind the camera, rarely in photos while we are parenting our kids.  Having these photos to look back on during the not so easy days is really important to remember that the hard phases pass and we really are all doing an awesome job!

Their day was full of regular everyday activities --- playing at home, baths, hair washing and also some special activities ---- seeing Santa & baking Christmas cookies!

Mom holding toddler boy wearing a diaper
Toddler legs wrapped around big sisters legs on the slide with Christmas tree in the aground
Toddler boy trying to climb on big sister up a slide in the living room
Mom holding toddler son by the arms, sister holding his hand
Toddler boy getting his hair washed in the sink, looking up at his mom who is rinsing his hair
Toddler boy getting his hair washed in the sink
Toddler boy getting a bath in the sink from his mom
Toddler getting his back washed in the sink
Toddler getting dried off in towel after a bath
Young boy laughing while mom tickles him
Mom playing with young sons hair while she gives a parenting look to her daughter
Big sister offering her hand to brother
Mom feeding toddler son a bottle on the couch
Young girl with curly hair laughing and balancing on moms feet in the air
Mom holding her son on her lap and smiling
Young girl with hand resting on hand while she is holding a pen
Mother and daughter looking at each other at kitchen counter
GIrl getting her hair washed in the sink, playing with the water
Young girl getting her hair washed in the sink
Young girl getting hair washed in the sink by mom and has her feet up in the air
Sister has her arm wrapped around little brother reaching for a cell phone
Curly hair
Young boy climbing up slide with mom holding out hands behind him to catch if he falls
Girl on sit and spin, mom holding son sitting on chair on cell phone
Dad holding and looking at son while sitting on couch
Dad holding and tickling son while sitting on the couch
Mom holding and resting chin on son
Young girl sleeping in the car, in car seat
Young girl looking out the window
Dad playing on the couch with son and daughter
Mom and daughter washing hands in sink and looking at each other
A family of four baking cookies at the kitchen island
Mom and daughter baking cookies in kitchen
Girl watching cookies
Mom and daughter laughing and looking at each other

If you are in the Milwaukee area and are looking for a different kind of family photographer, consider a Day in the Life (documentary) session.  I promise your everyday life is not boring. Your family is special, your connection to your kids and partner is special and you deserve to see yourself as the incredible parent you are!  Please contact me for further info on how I can help you take a day to pause and photograph your true family connection. :)