Milwaukee Newborn Photographer - Newborn Documentary Session

New mom holding newborn baby and looking at baby lovingly poking his chin with her finger
Mom holding newborn baby in her arms in front of a colorful Christmas tree
Mom holding newborn baby looking at dad holding black and white dog
dad holding newborn baby on the couch with moms hand resting on dads hand
Newborn baby sleeping with twinkling lights in the background
Mom holding newborn babies hands while newborn baby sleeps
Newborn baby sleeping in dads arms on the couch in stripped pajamas
Mom and dad giving newborn baby a bath in a baby tub
Mom washing newborn babies head in tub
Newborn baby in the tub stretching arms out above his head
Newborn baby on changing table after bath, mom massaging legs and dad holding pacifier in babies mouth
Black and white dog facing camera upside down on a colorful rug with mouth open
Newborn baby laying on the floor with pacifier in his mouth, holding dads hand
Newborn baby laying on blanket on the floor mom and dad are both gently touching him
Newborn baby sleeping on the floor with pacifier in his mouth, dad looking down and proudly smiling at baby
Newborn baby smiling with eyes closed wearing a Santa sweater
Mom holding newborn baby, both mom and baby have eyes closed
Mother sitting on the floor in babies nursery, breastfeeding baby
Newborn baby snuggling against moms chest and sleeping
Mom holding newborn baby on the couch while dog sniffs the baby head and dad is looking down smiling
Mom holding newborn baby on the couch, dad snuggling into moms neck, mom smiling

Have you ever been in the room with a couple where you can literally feel how much they love and respect each other? That is what it feels like to be around Libby & Joe. They look at and speak to each other with such love and kindness - Colin (and Lucy!) are blessed to have such loving parents!

I had the awesome honor of photographing baby Colin while Libby & Joe were still in the hospital a day+ after he was born! You can check out the session here:

I was super excited to be welcomed into their home a few weeks later to photograph their family for a Milwaukee documentary newborn session! Being a Milwaukee newborn photographer is such a blessing - getting the opportunity to photograph babies during a stage that (for parents) feels like it will last forever, is very special. Sadly we know, babies won’t keep! Even as I post this, Colin is already close to 6 months old!!

When I arrived, Libby told me Colin was up partying the night before, which left him, mom & dad pretty sleepy that day (ahh…those foggy newborn days…)! He got some great snuggles, a bath and some play time in his {awesome} bedroom! His beautiful skin, perfect little nose, fuzzy cheeks and adorable lips were just enough to give me baby fever!  (Until I got home and my own two children were running wild!)

When most people think of newborn photography, the first thing that often comes to mind is a sleepy baby posing with/in props.  Though these popular photos can be breathtaking; unposed documentary newborn photos are also an option!

A newborn documentary session is a perfect choice for families looking for real-life, candid moments to be captured.  During these sessions, there are no poses or props used to photograph you or baby. These sessions are relaxed and comfortable-- a nice combo for those early days when you are feeling sleepy after being up with your newborn often.

It might sound a little odd… no posing, directing or props.... Is it really possible to get great photos of the baby and family?      Absolutely! Because it’s YOUR family, YOUR story, YOUR connection.

The connection between you, your partner and your baby during those early days and weeks are so sweet.  What a great time to capture your real life. Even though they might be quiet moments--- they are important moments.   They are YOUR moments! Snuggling on the couch with baby, feeding or changing baby, bathing baby or maybe even taking a quick nap.  

This is life with a newborn!

I’d love if you watched the slideshow highlighting more photos from our session together:

If you have welcomed a baby recently and want to hear more about newborn documentary photography, I’d love to talk! Contact me any time!