Milwaukee Birth Photographer - Authentic Birth Center

New mom holds baby in tub with nurse hands after water birth

My heart is pulling me to be a Milwaukee Birth Photographer.  Witnessing and photographing babies entering the world is magical!  Being able to show moms how powerful, capable and strong they are through photos of their labor is very exciting.  Photographing that moment when parents meet their child for the first time is an incredible experience that I truly hope to share with many more people in the years to come!

I have known Serina for quite some time and felt so excited at the thought of photographing the birth of her third baby.  The stars truly aligned at the right moment to allow me to be there.

Milwaukee mom in labor, dad touching her back

I am not new to the labor, delivery or birth process.  I have been a Registered Nurse for 14 years with the majority of my experience in Labor & Delivery and Ob/Gyn nursing.  I had my children in a hospital setting, both were exceptional experiences! However, this was my first time photographing a birth and also witnessing a birth center delivery.  I was blown away by the experience at the Authentic Birth Center in Milwaukee!

Mom in labor leaning on dresser, dad touching her back

Serina went into labor on Thanksgiving day, after a good 2 weeks of contracting.  She labored all day at home and texted me around 1pm saying it was time to go. I met her and her husband, Xan, at the Authentic Birth Center around 1:25pm.  

The experience at the Authentic Birth Center (through my eyes only) was truly incredible and overwhelmingly peaceful.

Mom in labor in the tub

The midwives were so professional and calm.  None of them were rattled or anxious by Serinas labor.  They were completely supportive of Serina and Xan during the entire process.  They listened to what Serina was saying and trusted her body to deliver the baby when it was ready - without one cervical exam.  They provided exceptional medical care by listening to the babies heart rate often and providing all of the necessary medical support she needed.  

Baby being born in tub, doctor helping baby out

Serina got into the tub shortly after arriving and on that second contraction in the (CLEAR) tub (woah--- a photographers gift straight from God!) baby Myles made his peaceful way into the world!   

Smiling mom holds newborn baby in tub after delivery

Serina has 2 boys at home and did not know the gender of this baby.  After she delivered, she looked down, and said with the sweetest voice, “it’s another boy!”  He gently floated with her in the tub while she took a few moments to recover.  He nursed right away while in the tub and stayed skin to skin with Serina her entire recovery.  

newborn baby in tub with mom after delivery
new mom looking down and smiling at newborn baby in tub

The starkest difference I felt between this birth center delivery and hospital deliveries I’ve seen, was how peaceful Serina’s birth center delivery was.  There was a quiet stillness during her delivery and recovery. Her delivery was filled only with sounds of her pushing her baby out. There was no counting or “push push push!” (Which---is VERY helpful to some mama’s, it was just a difference I noticed).  After he was born, there were no bright baby warmer lights, alarms beeping or taking Myles from Serina to get immediate measurements. There was just a beautiful calm peace.

Mom breastfeeding newborn baby at the Authentic Birth Center in Milwaukee

Serina was helped out of the tub, cleaned up and climbed into a regular, comfy bed to relax, rest and nurse Myles.  After an hour or so of recovering, Myles measurements were taken right in bed - the cutest being his weight in the ‘storks nest’ scale!  

Serina is one powerful, strong woman! I am so proud of her :) Xan was a loving and calm support for her during the delivery. I could see the mutual trust and respect in their relationship, which made the delivery very special.

Having this experience on thanksgiving day was surreal.  I feel so thankful for the experience of photographing this birth.  I feel so thankful for people like Serina who trust me to come into their lives and photograph intimate moments with their families.  I feel so thankful for my family, specifically my husband, who is so supportive of me whether I am photographing another family on a Saturday or Thanksgiving Day!

Baby Myles peaceful water birth is one I will remember for the rest of my life. Please check out the full slideshow below of his beautiful birth. :)