West Bend Family In Home Session

Back in August, I got to photograph a West Bend family in home session, or what I call them, A Day in the Life” session. During these sessions, I come and hang out with the family during their favorite time of day (I’m finding that most families with small kids love the mornings!) just like a good friend would. I bring my camera (and my coffee!), get to play with the kids and photograph the family living their daily life--whatever that may bring.  It is SO fun to meet new people and be able to capture their uniqueness as a family. I truly love being a Milwaukee family photographer!

The Eckart family knows how to have fun and love each other deeply!  Their kids are incredible---they are so well behaved... I left thinking, ‘wow! Not a single melt down’ (my kids surely can’t go 4 hours without one!) haha.  I loved getting to know Jen & Jason. They are so cute together-I love when couples aren’t shy to show affection while I am photographing them. I think it’s so important for kids to see their parents showing affection--in real time and when looking back in photos!

My single favorite moment of the morning was seeing the kids watch an animal documentary on the discovery channel.  Their eyes became huge & mouths gape open watching a predator eat its prey. (Okay, it was for selfish reasons, their eyes are stunning, so it made for a few great photos of them!)

The rest of the morning was sponsored by the letter “B”: bacon, bubbles, bikes, balls and books! :)  A seriously great morning for kids and adults alike!

I hope you enjoy a slideshow (above!) of our morning together.  There are also still photos below.

If you are interested in a unique photo session full of candid and real life moments, please send me a note and I would love to chat to get to know you and your family!