What is it really like to have a documentary photo session done?

Missy Scharer 10eleven Photography Brookfield Wisconsin Day In the Life Session Documentary Family Photography-182.jpg

What is it really like to have a documentary family session done?  

Let me tell you….comfortable, chill and rewarding.


In May, my husband, kids and I were lucky enough to have Missy from 10Eleven Photography come shoot our own Day in the Life Session.   Ever since I started photographing other families, I knew I wanted our session done. Missy’s work is beautiful so I was very excited to have her come to our house and spend the day with us...and even more excited to see what she captured while she was here!


My hubby is not a huge fan of photo sessions and even though I prepped him as best as I possibly could, he was still a little apprehensive of the whole thing.  He was relieved at the end of our session...not because it was over, but with how great the experience was with Missy and with this style of photography. It helped him more fully understand why I am so passionate about this style of photography!


As a full time working mom, the moments I have with my kids are so extremely important to me.  The mom guilt can be at 100% some days while I am sitting at work or going out to do something for me.  To have this day frozen in time for us to look back on as a family is priceless.


I was less than 4 months postpartum at the time we had our photo session...do I have a double chin---yep; love handles? ---uh huh!  Even with my postpartum body (which is perfect just the way it is!)….I have never felt more beautiful.  Being able to see myself in these photos w/ my kids in full mom-mode makes me feel noticed, appreciated, loved and stunning.


When I look at our pictures I see: 

  • How much of myself I give to my kids.  

  • How much my son adores his sister and his (seemingly) never-ending energy!

  • The passion and love my husband puts into playing with & training our dog, Blue.  I see the sweet bond he has with our daughter and the fun he has playing with our son.

  • Two kids who will never again be as little as they were that day.

  • My family who is healthy and rich in love.  (Here I go, tearing up again, which is what I did when I opened our gallery!!)

Here are some of my favorites from our session.....

Missy is extremely talented Milwaukee area family photographer and I’m so lucky I now get to call her a friend. Please go check out her work by clicking the link to her site below.