A Summer Morning Wauwatosa Family Photo Session

Family of 4 walking down the road during a Wauwatosa Family Photo Session

May 26th was HOT!  Regardless of the heat, I had a wonderful time hanging out with and photographing Shannon, Jason and their sweet family. After I arrived, I spent the first five minutes gawking at their gorgeous, newly renovated kitchen--it is beautiful!  Shannon and her daughter were awake and working on breakfast which included Nutella :) mmmmm…

Their son was sick with a few different bugs so there were many snuggles during the day.  He took a turn for the better mid morning so was able to play a lot during the day as well! The kids played in their backyard, we all walked to the park and played in the pool.  It was a great ‘start to summer’ morning!

We joked that the deck was the star of the day because it saw a whole lot of things….puke, chalk, snacks, and several cleanings w/ the hose! I have to say, my favorite part of the day was while their son was throwing up (...that wasn’t my favorite, poor guy!) when both Shannon and Jason looked at me to say, “I hope you are documenting this”!  Two words: Real.Life.!

...Really though, this is what this genre is all about and what I love about it so much. This stuff is what really happens in life, with kids regardless if its ‘photoshoot’ day or not….I love to embrace the chaos, the unexpected and the messy!  

Heres what Shannon had to say about their experience:

"We are so thankful for the beautiful photos that Kari captured! She is extremely talented and professional. Her mission is different than the typical family photographer, as she provides a true depiction of what life is like in that exact moment. These are the pictures we will look at for the rest of our lives and smile, laugh, and cry as we remember what life was like on that day. Everyone should invest in such a precious time capsule! Thank you again, Kari. We will certainly be asking you to come back to document our life as a family throughout the coming years."

I hope you enjoy a few photos of our day together during this Wauwatosa Family photo session, and their slideshow below!

Check out their slideshow below :)