Greendale Family Photography Session

Sisters looking at each other with sunglasses on

I love reconnecting with people I knew long ago.  This gal and I go WAY grade school!  We have a lot in common...she is a nurse (yay RNs!), an awesome mom to two great kids, and sadly, we both lost our moms to cancer while we were in grade school.  

Going through a loss like that changes your life forever.  During my time with Jackie, we talked about being moms without our moms.  I'm not going to sugar coat sucks!  We wonder what sort of grandma's they would be and what advice they would give when we need it.  What a terrible thing to have in common and likely why we are both drawn to preserving our family memories with these types of photographs.  

Jackie is an incredible mom.  She is so calm, sweet and loving with her girls.  Her girls are equally as sweet and calm! I watched in awe as they sat doing one task at a time for many minutes! (Coming from my house with a rambunctious boy, I wanted to bottle some of that magic up and bring it home!!) :)  It is so easy to see and feel the love they have for each other being around them.

Take a peek at the slide show below with some sweet photos from our time together during this greendale photography session!! :)