Milwaukee Newborn Photographer - Hospital Session

Kari Gierach Photography, Milwaukee Newborn Photographer-40.jpg

Welcome to the world—-Baby Colin!  

I had a two part session with this sweet family in November--first, a Milwaukee Fresh 48 Session at Froedtert hospital, just shy of Colin’s 24 hour mark on this earth!  The second session, an in home Milwaukee Documentary Newborn session, a few weeks later (which I’ll share in my next post) which was full with just as much love as this session!  Baby Colin is the first baby for Libby & Joe and is already loved by many!

I love these Milwaukee newborn hospital sessions for many reasons!!  

  • First-- This type of photo session, takes one thing of mom’s mind after bringing this new life into the world.  For mom, knowing someone else is getting those detail photos and pictures of the love you already share with your baby takes a little edge off, as you get to know your baby.

  • Second-- You get to relax, be yourself and enjoy snuggling and sniffing (newborn smell is a real thing and it’s delicious!) your sweet baby, because I photograph these sessions unposed.  I love capturing the candid moments of you falling in love with your new baby!

  • Third-- Having photos of your loved ones and/or other children meeting their new family member is so special to have!  Your family will never be the same after this little one enters the world and will enjoy looking back at this time through photos for years to come.

  • Fourth and my favorite reason--  YOU (mom!) get to be IN the photos! Many new moms can agree that as you get back into the swing of life after having a baby, it gets easy to pull out your cell phone and take pictures of that sweet, beautiful new baby.  It’s not as easy to remember to get in the photos with the baby.

Those days in the hospital go by in a blur.  Trying to recover, rest and process everything your body has gone through is a lot for new moms.  Taking one small yet important stressor off your mind, of photographing the baby is a great way to help you settle in to this new stage in your life!

If you or someone you know might be interested in this type of hospital session, I would love to hear from them!  Please click on the link to contact me anytime :)