Milwaukee Fresh 48

Kari Gierach Photography, Milwaukee Fresh 48.jpg

In my previous blog post, I shared images from a family session I had with the Elflein family. At the time, Sarah was close to welcoming their 3rd baby into this world.  Well, that sweet baby is now here! Baby Michael was born on 10/30/18...on their wedding anniversary! :)

He has two very proud big sisters and his parents are truly two of the sweetest people I know.  I feel honored that I was able to photograph Michael and his family during our Milwaukee Fresh 48 Session at St Joseph’s Hospital in Milwaukee.

I was hoping to photograph his entrance into the world, however the logistics of my day job prevented that from happening...and those third babies come quick! I was able to get to the hospital when he was a couple hours old. I think it is magical to be in the presence of a new baby!  I also think it’s wild that like an hour they were in their mamas belly and now there are here! Poof!....Well for the rest of us; ‘poof’ is not how it feels for the mama!

This type of session is great for anyone who wants to remember those first magical moments of babies life but isn’t quite sure that birth photography is for them.

Everyone’s birth experience is so different and as awesome as it would be for everyone to feel refreshed and rested after delivering a child, that is not always the case. During a fresh 48 hospital  or in home session, you, mama, can lay back and relax, knowing someone else is working on getting great photos of baby and others meeting baby during those first few hours of life. The best part about these sessions is that you also get to be IN the photos with your baby and partner.  

I would love for you to check out the photos below from this Milwaukee Fresh 48 session!  If you are expecting and interested in more information on these sessions, please click the link below to contact me.  I would love to meet you!