Why I Love This Genre of Photography

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Two weeks ago, I posted a blog that explains what documentary family photography is.  If you haven't had a chance to read, it scroll below and check it out! 

This type of photography is so dear to my heart.  I feel extremely connected to the style because of the real moments that are captured.  

I largely have my dad to thank for the reason behind my love of this genre.  He did such a great job of photographing and taking home videos our family as we were growing up.  To this day, my siblings and I love getting together to watch these old family videos and pull out our big albums to look through them.  I truly had a wonderful childhood filled with love, lots of activities and travel.

When I was 10 years old, my mom had a seizure, was brought to the hospital and diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.  She fought a long and hard battle.  She passed away 3 years later when I was 13 years old.  When she died, my sister was 11 and my brother was 9.  

I feel so grateful to my dad for taking so many candid pictures of us with my mom before her illness and during.  Because of the way he took these pictures, when I look back at them, I can almost feel myself around her.  I remember her warm smile, her soft skin and her kind and loving voice.  She was truly one of the most selfless and loving people I have ever met.  I think about her every single day and wish she was here.  

I don't live in fear of leaving this earth too early or worrying about other members of my family passing away, but I live every day knowing life is short and there are no guarantees.  I try to take nothing for granted, especially my time and relationships with my family.  

Due to losing my mom, I feel compelled to capture real life emotions--love and otherwise for my family and other families.  If I didn't have pictures of my mom to remember her by, I would feel so disconnected from her.  

Life is so short and we are all so busy now that life really can pass in a blur.  If you are like me, you feel like you are running, running, running constantly.  Pausing to take a moment to be present in our own lives to cherish the daily moments that occur, is so valuable.  I would love to help you do just that.