My Dear Friend + Denver

Any new(ish) mom's here?  I'm not sure if you were like me, but no one could pry me away from my son for a vacation or even a weekend away...until he was almost 2! At that point I couldn't jump on a plane for some "me" time fast enough!

My first trip alone since having my son was to Denver in early May of last year to visit my dear friend, Haley & her family.  I truly hope all of you have a Haley in your life.  To me, she is like a breath of fresh air.  I can 100% be myself around her by sharing my soul and know that there will be no judgement or unsolicited advice given. So, it was no surprise our conversation got real deep within 5 minutes of me jumping in her car at the airport (I will spare you the details!!). We had a great 4 days of  hiking, fresh air, delicious food, and good conversation.  

This family truly radiates kindness.  I love playing with and talking to her girls.  They talk about other people with such kindness and compassion, it was awesome to hear! They have been raised by two selfless people so it’s to no surprise they are turning into amazing girls!  

They were such great hosts, waiting on me hand and foot my entire stay! It wasn't until I was there I realized how badly I needed that restful 'me' time. This trip was so good for my soul and helped me come back more focused and patient with my son.  Many other moms I look up to and get advice from, share the importance of taking care of yourself first--this trip really helped me see the importance of some time away. 

Besides the great talks, wine, food and fun, I got to photograph these guys in action. A loose tooth that finally came out the last night I was there, a school play requiring dino attire (a rap-tor!) and good old backyard fun were some of my favorite moments to capture! I hope you enjoy them--see below!

Here's to long lasting friendships and travel which are good for the soul!