The Sielski Family

I had an AWESOME time photographing the Sielski family for a 12 hour day in the life session! This day again proved while full day sessions are my favorite.  So much happens during a ‘regular’ day in the life of the family and I love being able to capture it all.  After a few hours, the kids really do forget about the camera completely which gives me the chance to observe and photograph really vulnerable and real moments.  The moments you will want to remember 10, 30, 50 years from now.  I truly love what I get to do for families!! 

I arrived as the kids were waking up, still sleepy and in their jammies (my favorite time of day!) and stayed until after bath time.  This was a full day of fun for them and myself filled with lots of laughter, singing, baking, a few tears and lots of snuggles!  Katie, Jason & their kids are so entertaining to be around---truly never a dull moment ;)

I love watching these two parent their kiddos.  They are so attentive and active with their kids during the day.  Even through the chaos of parenting, the love and respect they have for each other is apparent during each of their interactions.  I love this family!  

Please check out the gallery above and contact me to hear more about the full day in the life session!