New Year, New Beginning


Cheers to the New Year!!


Thank you for taking the time to be here! I hope the holidays were a time for you to refresh, relax and enjoy time with your family & friends.

2017 was a great year full of growth for our family! My son turned 2 in May and is growing fast--physically and mentally. We are now in the stage of watching everything we say around him--and may have slipped a few times..whoopsie! 

Just days before my son's 2nd birthday, we found out we are expecting baby #2! She is due in January and are all excited to meet her, snuggle her and love her!

I have spent much of the year growing creatively by working on my photography in prep to launch my business. It has been more work and yet more fun than I could have expected. I am proud of myself for pushing through the many (ugh) days of morning sickness and fatigue during this pregnancy to ensure this dream became reality! I have worked with some truly incredible families this past year could not have opened this business without their help!! I truly feel honored to be invited into people's homes to photograph their lives as they are living them.

I was greatly blessed in 2017 and truly look forward to all that 2018 will bring! A new year, a new business and a new baby will keep things lively, I'm sure! I look forward to sharing more about documentary family photography, which is the genre of photography I shoot with you.  Stay tuned for an upcoming post later this month where I explain why this genre stole my heart and why I feel it's so important to photograph real life--for myself and clients.

Thank you again for being here!   

Many blessings to you and your family this 2018!!